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Tax Law

Tax Lien, Tax Audit, Tax Fraud, Tax Crime, Tax Evasion, Tax Planning, Tax Litigation, Corporate Tax, Tax Accounting, Real Estate Tax, Capital Gains Tax

Tax Audits

Gift Tax Audit, Eggshell Audit, Estate Tax Audit, Income Tax Audit, Sales and Use Tax Audit, International Tax Audit, Financial Services Audit, Customs Transfer Pricing, Foreign Accounts Tax Audit, Securities Transaction Audit, Offers in Compromise Audit, Independent Contractor Tax Audit

Tax Litigation

Gift Tax, Estate Tax, Excise Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Real Estate Tax, Tax Compliance, Capital Gains Tax, International Tax, State and Local Tax, Criminal Tax Defense

Civil & Criminal Tax

Foreign Trust Reporting Requirements, Property Tax Assessments, Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion, Tax Deficiency Matters, Money Laundering, Currency Violations, Forfeiture Matters, Racketeering Charges (Rico), Bank and Securities Fraud, Withholding of Tax on Dispositions Of U.S. Real Property Interests, Foreign Tax Credit, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, U.S. Tax Withholding on Payments to Foreign Persons.